These In-Process© linked videos are of four fog cannons assemblies located at the four corners of a ROM dump hopper over a 54×74 Primary Gyratory crusher reducing lump copper ore down to <150 mm. As with all dump truck fed Gyratory Crusher installations each time a load of rock is dumped into the hopper a huge volume of air is induced to move by the falling material and be displaced from the bin. This volume of air (which is larger than the mass of material dumped) together with the entrained dust expelled from the imploding ore mass is displaced from the ROM bin hopper.

The function of the T&T Brume-Barrage™ cannon installations is to both dominate air movements and fill the ROM bin with airborne wet fog and mist immediately before the ore is dumped. As the falling ore mass opens it injests the fog. When this mass of ore collapses on the sides and bottom of the ROM Bin the violent expulsion of air/dust from the ore mass results in a violent interaction between fog aerosols and an agglomeration of the dust followed by rapid precipitation of the heavier agglomerated particles within the hopper.

Where ROM bin encapsulation is not viable these cannons constitute the most effective method (BKP) for minimisation of open ROM bin airborne dust emissions.

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